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Celebrating a Birthday while Being a Full Time Entrepreneur

While being so immersed in growing a business it can feel weird to stop and celebrate wins, milestones and birthdays. You may feel like it’s a waste of time or money. However, there are ways to celebrate while spending your time valuably and there are ways to celebrate for free. Since April 23rd (#TaurusSeason!) is our CEO’s birthday we thought it would be a great idea to offer some guidance in celebrating big but not letting your business lack, especially if you’re a team of one, a solopreneur.

Why is it important to celebrate? Well because you probably deserve it. Entrepreneurs work so hard year round and a birthday is one random day where people can be extra and nobody can judge. You may not care about it being your birthday but you can use the day as an excuse to take a break. We are not machines, we are not made to go nonstop. Resting is beneficial to your productivity!

Here are some things to keep in mind for your next birthday!


Finish all of your work before your birthday so that the day of (or even the week of) your load if much easier. Your birthday is the same day every year, you know when it is coming up, so be prepared. Don’t let it sneak up on you. A few days before, start speeding things up so that your birthday is not a regular work day when it comes to workload. You’ll appreciate this and may even realize that you can get your work done faster than you thought you could.


Some people may have to get ignored until the next day, if it can wait. Do not feel bad about taking an off-day to celebrate your birthday. It’s a good idea to create an automatic email reply for any emails that you get so people can know that you are “out of the office.”


Do something that allows you to work and enjoy your birthday at the same time. Consider it a work vacation. Not a vacation from work, but a work vacation. This will allow you to work with a change of scenery. Go to a fancy hotel and work there. Then you can order room service and get spoiled while also getting your work done. Or go work on the beach. This will allow you to do some work and look up occasionally at your beautiful view. There are ways to get creative and switch up the day.

#4 Depending on your field, you may have to just be okay with the possibility that you may have to do a little bit of work that day. You may have to find a balance between working and celebrating but definitely don’t feel bad for pushing something to the next day. The key is to not feel bad about working or not working, because it is your day and you should do what you want with it.

All of this fun is amazing, but remember that once playtime is over it is time to get back to work! Use the return back to work as an opportunity to take things up a notch. You have started a new year of life so make it better than the last. Outshine your previous, younger self. The resting periods should be like fuel. Your business is not being neglected because you decide to take a mental break.

Enjoy and we wish all the April/May birthdays a happy birthday!

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