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Consultation Assessments and Training Services 

Sensory Tune-up and Co provides home and school-based therapy throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Many times, a behavior seen in the home will not be seen in an school based setting, so the home can provide behavior analysts the opportunity to target specific behavior(s) or skill set(s) that need work. However, both learning in the home or school environment is beneficial to the child’s progress as they are taught to use skills in a naturalistic way. Mastered skill sets can be generalized across various such as home or school. Call us so we can develop a plan together. 

Behavior Management 

Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plan are conducted, written, and utilized to meet your child’s behavioral needs. Functionally and socially appropriate behaviors are taught to replace problematic or undesired behaviors by utilizing various procedures and techniques.

Reinforcement Strategies 

Strategies include reinforcing appropriate behaviors through verbal praise, social praise, and a variety of reward systems to increase the likelihood of recurrence in the future. Preference assessments may be utilized in order to determine strong motivators for the individual to ensure that the reinforcement system is effective in evoking desired behaviors.

Management Strategies 

Strategies include managing inappropriate behaviors in an effort to decrease the likelihood of recurrence in the future. A large focus is placed on antecedent interventions to manipulate the environment and put preventative strategies in place in order to prevent maladaptive behaviors from occurring.

Preventative Strategies 

Some strategies to use but not limited to daily schedules, teaching children to express their wants and needs appropriately, providing scheduled breaks, giving children choices, and mixing up instructional tasks and/or activities to prevent negative or undesired behaviors are done by manipulating triggers within the natural environment.

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