Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

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A B O U T  M E

Chizarra Dashiell 

Behavior  Data Specialist 

After earning my degree in Occupational Science, I then was awarded a degree in Health Science Management from Howard University. Practicing for 8 years, I discovered a new passion. I fell in love with working pediatrics and behaviors. I pursued my Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and been exploring home and school-based ABA services. In my sessions, I enjoyed reading to my clients. The engagement fulfilled me and I realized my journey into implementing reading as a primary intervention. Currently, I have developed read-aloud stories that embedded some of the common tools used within the profession. My goal is to continue thriving, making my mark, advocating, and becoming a staple resource within the community.    

Fun Facts!

  • I graduated from Howard University and was elected into the National Honor Society junior year 

  • I have a cute puppy named Bronx!

  • I love to travel and see culture in countries such as Cuba but I'm truly a beach girl at heart 

  • Sitting for Board Certification this year after attending Capella University 

  • I've been working in the therapy field overall since 2008 

  • Pursuing more culturally based learning in future doctorate program, specifically focusing on sociology and personality psychology 

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Community, Innovation, and Resources 

Sensory Tune-ups and Consultants is specialized in early intervention services and/or programs that embody individualized ABA therapy in an enriched naturalistic approach either school or home. 

1:1 Instruction

Learners work 1:1 with highly trained professionals to develop skills in each of our core focus areas while in school. Progress is closely monitored, and programs are adjusted as each child acquires target skills. Collaboration with teachers and other staff members to achieve best outcomes as well. 

Cuddle Time 

Learners practice their skills in a natural environment with their parents, guardians, and other loved ones. Instruction exposes learners using naturalistic environmental teaching. Check out our interactive read-aloud stories that encourage engagement learning opportunities between parent and child. 


The program provides learners with the additional opportunity to work on classroom skills and learn with peers in an environment that prepares them for school. Contact Sensory Tune-ups and Consultants today to schedule a free consultation.

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