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Chizarra Dashiell, OTA /BS  

Behavior  Data Specialist 

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What is unique about our early intervention programs at Sensory Tune Co? Glad you asked! We believe that working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities in the earliest years (ages 1.5 – 12 years old) promotes strong foundations that impact and change the whole self. For us, this means all of the early skills like language, communication, independent play, and social skills. By designing a structured program around these foundation elements, children are set up for success both in the classroom and at home. 


The earlier services are delivered the better the positive outcome, the staff at Sensory Tune-ups and Consultants work cohesively to assess and begin your child’s program as quickly as possible, no matter where you live! Our staff of BCBAs, RBTs, Program Coordinators and other clinicians will work together on an individualized approach tailored toward your child’s specific needs. We are eager to service you in the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia area. 


Our Pledge of Community is focused on delivering quality, compassionate, and effective care through the use of evidence-based treatment to help your child learn new skills, overcome challenges, and increase success in school and life. Together with parents, families, and our staff, we are changing lives!


Upon the parent's or school's request, our Behavior Analysts (BCBA) or Specialist will:


  • Review your child’s IEP

  • Evaluate the appropriateness of the goals and observations 

  • Evaluate the procedures and accommodations being utilize

  • BCBAs are also able to do things such as attend IEP meetings to discuss and compare goals, collaborate with the school team, and to provide suggestions for strategies that can be implemented in the school setting. 

Our BCBAs are also happy to collaborate with any private therapists as well. The coordination of services ensures that all care providers are continuing to use the most effective treatments across all environments.

School Based Therapy 

Sensory Tune-up and Co provides school-based therapy throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Many times, a behavior seen in the school will not be seen in an alternative setting, so the home can provide behavior analysts the opportunity to target specific behavior(s) or skill set(s) that need work.

Learning in the school environment is beneficial to the child’s progress as they are taught to use skills in a natural environment. Mastered skills can be generalized across various settings such as schools.


Parents Recommend


Our experience with my special education team, specifically our ABA therapist has been excellent over the last three years. She has helped our child reach every goal set. 


 My child, IB, has made significant behavioral strides. Additionally, my ABA therapist swiftly shares IB's  goals, progress, and schooling updates to ensure I am fully engaged with his learning. I have also received reinforcement instructions and activities to practice with IB at home such as sign language, reading materials, and links to educational apps.


In the last few months since we started distance learning our therapist has worked diligently to keep our child on track, in sessions as well as with our child's General education classes. By including Speech therapy as well as Occupational Therapy in our ABA sessions, to minimize the time spent in front of a screen, but maximize the effectiveness of everyone's sessions.

Mission & Focus  

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To provide quality ABA therapy services to children with typical and special needs highlighting children of color while also being a resource in the community by way of reading.

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